Welcome to Dorsa Physical Therapy (DPT).

I opened my first office in 1999 in Glenwood Springs, Colorado and closed in 2008. Now I am pleased to announce the Cincinnati edition of Dorsa Physical Therapy. From its inception, DPT was founded on the premise of treating the whole person, not just their symptoms. One mantra is, “find the pain look elsewhere for the cause” - John Barnes, PT.

My mission is to partner with you in a manner that explores and identifies areas that need to be treat in order to achieve your goals. Treatment is based on the principles of myofascial release which covers a broad spectrum of problems from simple sports injuries to more complex neurological issues. I often describe my approach as being on a continuum that ranges from structural issues to more esoteric energy healing. My job is to identify and meet you at a point on this continuum that meets your needs.

If you value one to one time with a skilled physical therapist rather then be in a gym with a number of other patients and therapists than DPT is the right place for you. All too often in physical therapy clinics resort to volume based treatment, to me this is not how physical therapy should be conducted. There are far too many brilliant therapists forced into volume based billing because of low insurance reimbursements. Without getting on my soap box, reimbursements have stayed the same or decreased in the 22+ years I have been a PT, hummm, insurance premiums have only increased.

In order to provide the level of service that allows me to treat patients as individuals and provide a high quality experience, DPT is run as an Out-of Network Provider. I do not bill directly to insurance however, you will be given when requested, a superbill for you to submit to your insurance carrier.

Treatment is based on a 60 minute format, often patients will request longer sessions. As a matter of transparency, the majority of that time is spent on actual treatment which includes evaluation, hands on manual therapy and learning exercises, of course there are simple house keeping things such as scheduling your next appointment, taking payment and giving you time to change clothes which need to be conducted within your treatment session.
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