Reflection on the past few months; Insights into the Physical body versus Energetic Body

The other day I started to write some things about getting through the holidays from a physical therapy perspective. Things like being sure to exercise even if just a little, watch the foods you eat etc etc only to realize I was writing more about how to hold myself accountable. As I wrote this just did not feel like much new stuff, we always hear about setting goals as the New Year approaches, stuff like that.

So on a different note I want to take a minute and reflect on some observations of how things have unfolded for me on an energetic level then physical. I just happened on a short exercise in Duality, which this one author speaker uses to distinguish our energetic body from the physical body. He went on to explain how things happen so much quicker on an energetic level. This gave me pause to examine how I have been feeling and going about things the last few months.

First, I realized how much I became drawn into the election cycle. And to be honest regardless of one’s choice for president this whole process I found very divisive, disrespectful and destructive on an energetic and psychic level. This type of negativity can be very damaging if we allow it. So to counter this I am deleting political memes. And also trying not to react to things unless I know that its factual. I was talking about this with a friend last night how easy it is to get caught in the global communal cycles of negativity.

Another thing about the election is if we really think about it tomorrow will be tomorrow, yes things are going to different and challenging perhaps but that is the future not the present. So my intent is to put my energy were it is most effective. I’m looking at ways I can be more politically active yet in a manner that fosters and creates positive energy.

Second, I noticed and realized is when my energy is down my business slows down. Makes perfect sense, now while many of you know me as a physical therapist what you may not realize is how broad the PT spectrum covers. And perhaps more importantly how healing takes place. I have always been drawn to the more energetic side of that spectrum and infuse aspects of energy healing into treatment. Now that being said, I always meet my client at the point on the continuum that reflects their individual needs. Despite this I put a lot of energy into my work. So when I’m down a little its just that much harder to be on all the time, which is an obligation to my clients. So my intention moving forward is to engage in activities that nurture and nourish my energetic body.

I want to take a minute to talk about energy itself how we recognize it and how it manifests. We know from basic physics that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. This energy in Chinese medicine and martial arts is Qi or Chi, in yoga it is prana or pranic energy. It is life force and exists regardless of our beliefs. We can enhance it trough awareness and certain practices ~ Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Meditation, Yoga. And we can decrease the quality of our energy by becoming disconnected from our mind body through distractions ~ electronics in general - our smart phones, facebook, texting ~ the need for immediate response from someone. These are lead to more negative mindset.

Finally, as the new year approaches many of you will set about making new years resolutions. Well these can be positive or negative if not well constructed. When you decide to formulate your resolution(s) ~ sit quietly, follow your breathing and allow yourself to get really grounded. Really feel the energy in your body and ask “what do I want in my life as I move into the New Year.” Allow your inner voice to come through, this is your intuition and will serve as a guide. Try to keep resolutions tangible, simple and attainable. Keep in my mind the New Year is really an arbitrary starting point. We can alter our course at any point in time.

Here’s to an exciting, prosperous 2017 full of abundance and good health, Peter

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