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Myofascial Release (MFR) has been the cornerstone of my practice since I began as a physical therapist 22+ years ago.

Myo refers to muscle, fascia refers to connective tissue system, while there are many reasons we develop fascial restrictions the end result is the same - concentrated tension and pressure on sensitive structures the reduces are range of motion, results in faulty movement patterns or alignment issues and/or causes pain.

MFR is systematic process of releasing fascial or connective tissue restrictions that have occured in our body over time. Often times a patient will comment, “I feel taller” or “I can stand up straighter.” Our body has an optimal blueprint in terms of structural alignment which is unique to each one of us. Yet at the same time there are commone elements we all can benefit from learning. MFR is one method to attain this result.

When treating the whole person we cannot ignore the emotional body. MFR is a very effective means of addressing somatoemotional holding patterns. Nothing is ever forced and this will only occur when a person is ready to confront old issues. Tissue memory is a very real concept and through my own experience being treated and having treated many many people over the years when we can clear these obstacles true healing takes place. To be clear, my training in both MFR and VM have been equal parts learning techniques and going through my own healing journey. John Barnes teaches us that we can only take our patients as far as we have gone or are willing to go ourselves. So I have experienced the full power and effectiveness of this work and feel blessed in many ways to offer this to you on your journey.

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